A Weekend Getaway! Ft. Discover Resorts

Hello dear readers,

I come across many people who are mentally and physically worn out by their jobs. Some are students, who are drained with their studies and others just trying to make some money for their living. Either way, their lives are too monotonous for them to feel happy about it.

There’s so much on your plate and so less time to finish. Don’t you wish there were 2 extra hours in a day?

If you think you’re the only one feeling this way then, Holla! I’m there too. Just as confused as you.

I have engaged myself in a very compact schedule. So much that I don’t get the time to reconsider anything. Sometimes, I feel like I should just forget everything and only focus on myself. But ideally, if I have taken some responsibility I should respect it, right?

Umm.. How many of you believe in ‘Me-Time’? Typically a term that used to describe the time you like spending with your own self. According to me, this time is very important to get your mindset together.

Because of this kind of a schedule, its very difficult for me to get some time of my own. So the other day, I just decided to cut some slack and head on to a weekend getaway.

“Discover resorts”

We were looking for a place which is near to Mumbai. So, we found this very beautiful resort at Neral, (near Matheran). It’s only 2 hours away by road, so perfect for a quick weekend trip. I headed there on a Saturday morning and returned by Sunday evening so that we can get back to our routine on Monday.

As we entered, it was a huge luxurious resort surrounded by greenery all over. We were served with a sweet welcome drink, which was very refreshing. In the evening, we planned to get some massage, as the resort is known for an in-built spa corner. Also, the dining hall was amazing, including the food. I definitely hogged over some tasty chicken that evening, hehe!

The next day, we woke up and headed for a early morning swim. After which we ordered our breakfast in the room. It was such a fun little trip, scroll down to see all the pictures. 🙂

If you are planning to go to Matheran, then I would suggest you to have a look at this resort. And.. I hope you enjoyed this blog post! 😊

Until next time



Love love,

The Serotonin Splash 💜

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